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Innovative medical supplement laboratory.  An organization dedicated to the advancement of nutritional supplement use for a specific purpose.  Our research team is dedicated to searching the world for naturally occurring substances which can have positive, specific impacts when ingested.  We diligently consume any and all information concerning dietary supplements, vitamin studies and hard data on the effectiveness of these compounds.  From this information, ims labs distills fact, from the mountain of fiction that surrounds the nutritional supplement industry.  Armed with this knowledge we bring to you, our consumer, a truly unique line of supplement products.  Each formula is hand crafted to provide value and yield targeted results.


While many product formulations are currently in development, ims labs has perfected and launched its initial supplement line.  An exciting new industry has been born:


Drinking Supplements:


An offering of products formulated specifically to complement the recreational use of alcohol.  Ims labs furnishs a complete line of alcohol supplements to aid in every aspect of the drinking experinece.   






zumos alcohol attention deficit disorder supplement
Constantly Evolving...
noda alcohol anticalorie formula rekal hangover recovery formula
A division of Drink All Nite LLC
neoxn alcohol antitoxin dietary supplement Quike fun dust energy product


Energy Supplements:


Ims delivers the highest performance energy product on the market with Quike Fun Dust. Through skill full, patent pending application of ingredients, Quike delivers a solid energy experience over a period of 1-1.5 hours. Click here for more information




ADD ADHD Supplements:


Originally launched as a drinking supplement providing energy, mental clarity and hangover prevention.  Zumos was later found to exhibit effects similar to products on the market for ADD and ADHD.  After this discovery the formula was altered to build on this performance.  Hangover prevention compounds were removed and additional ingredients for intense focus and mental clarity were added.